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Welcome to - home of a free, beautiful and elaborate custom Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 (D&D) Character Record Sheet, classic "print out" only of course. It features multiclassing with good retraceability and it is available in five different sizes (two and four page US Letter 8.5x11 & Legal 17x11, International DIN/ISO A4 & DIN/ISO A3 and Extra, which you'll have to check for yourself), along with additional gaming material. The sheets have been created and are maintained really obsessively with a strong focus on usability, retraceability and, of course, quality and esthetics. Feel free to download and try the current version and, if you like, leave your opinion. Happy Gaming...

January 2008: Update and Surprise

Did I say end of the year? I meant mid-january ;) Well, Happy New Year to you all. I hope you spent some nice holidays. Also, please note the processor-intensive falling snow.
Well first there is the surprise of a new D&D character sheet made of pure awesomeness, if you are willing to go through some work. Just check the download section or the link above.
And this site has had 50k hits, the downloads on also reached 50k hits around the end of 2007. Thanks to ya'll, seriously.
Also there is the issue of the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Character Sheets. It was a guestbook entry that made me decide the following: I'll make the sheet, but I'll need your help. And by help, I mean of course, money. To speak bluntly, I won't make any investment in 4th Edition, for reasons already mentioned. But I'll accept donations, i.e. book or money donations. I know, this is a bold move, but I'm not doing this for the personal gain and in addition I think of providing donors with exclusive previews of the sheets and a pack of free prints. I'll provide the details soon.
And finally, in the last days I stumbled across something: It seems like my sheets spawns other sheets, w00t! (see

November 2007: Latest News (and 4th Edition)

Due to a lot of work in the last months I couldn't tend to the needs of my fellow gamers in general. As far as the sheet goes, I think there is hardly anything left to do, except maybe minor corrections. When and if I find the time, I'll update some and make new extensions (e.g. ToB). But I have one more surprise project to release, so check back around the end of this year.
Also, as you surely know already the D&D 4th Edition will be released in mid-2008. I am sure the new edition will bring a lot of much needed enhancements (as well as some new useless stuff, as well as some really unwanted changes to the Forgotten Realms) but since I have about 1000€ worth of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 on my bookshelves, I don't think I'll dump it and switch any time soon. I'd rather wait for D&D 4.5 ;)
It is currently hard for me to say if there will ever be a 4th Edition sheet. I will be in the midst of my college finals by that time, but I will have a look at the rules and if the sheets convert easily I'll probably do it. Or I'll release the source files to a hopefully dedicated community.
Finally, I've integrated some anti-spam mechanisms into the guestbook, and it is now ready again to except your comments.

26th May 2007

Added Power Point Cost to the Spells / Powers List.

26th March 2007

Added some minor modifications to the sheets, hardly worth mentioning

Corrected some typos and an error on the Players Info Sheet and the Magical Storage Sheet. Thanks to John.

4th March 2007

Released the beta of a GM-Sheet into the wild

Not done much lately

4th December 2006

Improved "Spells List"

New combined "Magic Items & Spell-Like Ability" section

Minor layout adjustments (a lot)

This version replaces the versions released at

12th September 2006

New "Ability Score" calculation

New multiclass "Base Saves" and "Base Attack Bonuses"

New "Daily Spells" calculation

Minor layout adjustments and improved space usage

9th May 2006

Added counters for "Spontaneous Spellcasting"

3rd May 2006

Rebuild the "Ability Scores" section, now including notes and level loss

All lines are now 0.1pt, even on the 4-page sheets

25th April 2006

Nothing really new, but I fixed some nasty typos (Thanks to Matt and Ace for finding them)

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