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Playing D&D and making a sheet:
overview_a4.gif, 11 kB When I started playing D&D I found no sheet that really suited me. A lot of things were often missing and no sheet matched my aethetic needs. The official Wizards of the Coast sheets are not user friendly enough, most custom-made sheets look too unprofessional, for these are often made with such feeble software as Word or Excel or at least it seems like that. Since I started working with DPT in 1995, I just made my own sheet, enhancing it with ideas that came to me while playing or with ideas from friends and users worldwide.

The Sheet:
The sheet might also look a bit overloaded at first sight. Unlike some other RPGs, D&D makes heavy use of rules. Seeing what is going on with the characters stats is very important, and being able to retrace entries without the help of a rulebook after weeks of not looking at the sheet is quite important.

I worked long and hard to make every visual detail of the sheet absolutely perfect. I guess about 80% of the work was done on visual details and things no one will ever notice.

There are basicly two different sheets to download here, a beautiful double sized folio version for players who want something special, an extended version for players who want something really special and an easy printable four page version. The four page edition also has the advantage of packing all basics onto the first two pages, leaving spellcaster stuff on the third.

If you have any questions, check the FAQ .

If you are interested in an early version, here are some images of one of the first published versions: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]
For nostalgic reasons, here is also a screenshot of the old homepage.


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