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The sheets come in three versions: a 11"x17" and 8.5"x11" for players in the US and Canada, and a DIN/ISO 216 conform for the rest of the world and the &ÜBER-EDITION. The downloads are counted since 1st February 2006. Use the left mouse button for downloading. A new window will open, either prompting the download or the acrobat browser-plugin will start. (PLEASE DON'T HOTLINK THE FILES, THANKS)
And remember, you can't spell slaughter without laughter...

overview_extra.gif, 11 kB D&D 3.5e Character Record Sheet · ÜBER-EDITION
(Last Update: 4th November 2007)

I thought long and hard before releasing this sheet and finally it's public, the pinnacle of charactersheetness. You'll have to use/own a color printer for at least A3 and get an ivory-white 525x297mm sheet. See detailed instructions.
Download DIN/ISO Extra [1.97Mb]  no downloads

overview_a3.gif, 10 kB D&D 3.5e Character Record Sheet · FOLIO EDITION
(Last Update: 26th May 2007)

Two sheets in two common paper sizes, designed for double-sided printing and folding. Just think of the amount of notes you can safe-keep in there. (Refer to the FAQ section for printing recommendations.)
Download DIN/ISO A3 [1.76Mb]  no downloads
Download 11x17 [1.73Mb]  no downloads

overview_a4.gif, 11 kB D&D 3.5e Character Record Sheet · STANDARD EDITION
(Last Update: 26th May 2007)

Four single sheets with the freedom to print on nearly every machine, but it is somehow a compromise in design and elegancy since the sheet is intended for a single folding page. But this one has the advantage for non-spellcasters to use just the first two pages.
Download DIN/ISO A4 [1.71Mb]  no downloads
Download 8.5x11 [1.69Mb]  no downloads

overview_info.gif, 8 kB Player's Info 

The player's version of the Dungeon Master's Screen, so to speak. Holds a lot of basic information in very, very tiny letters. As the Campaign Notes it emphasizes the Forgotten Realms. Please note, that this sheet is in for a makeover...
Download DIN/ISO A4 [2.79Mb]  no downloads

overview_campaignnotes.gif, 2 kB Forgotten Realms Campaign Notes 

Extension sheet to help you keep track of an adventure. It gives the whole charactersheet-thing a unified look-and-feel. The sheets contain a map of the Forgotten Realms I created. It is unlabled, with cities and roads and the basic topographic features. Please note, that this sheet is in for a makeover...
Download DIN/ISO A4 [2.07Mb]  no downloads

overview_magic.gif, 8 kB Additional Spellcaster and Psion Sheet 

The original sheets feature only one Spellcasting or Psionic Class, if you want to add a second class, this is the sheet for you. Yet it features only spell slots up to 9th level, since it is highly unlikely people will play two epic spellcasting levels. Please note, that this sheet is in for a makeover...
Download DIN/ISO A4 [247kb]  no downloads

overview_storage.gif, 8 kB Additional Magical Storage Device Sheet 

This sheet extents the Equipment section, giving you an exclusive list for your Bag of Holding or Portable Hole. Grab the loot an run...
Download DIN/ISO A4 [119kb]  no downloads

Dungeon Masters Sheet [beta] - This sheet provides 4 columns for basic player stats as an overview for game masters and dungeons master alike.
Download DIN/ISO A4 [764kb]

The discontinued Spellbook: Download [ no downloads ]

For any questions first check the FAQ. If you have any wishes or suggestions or find any mistake please email me:

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