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overview_extra.gif, 11 kB When you read this page, chances are you actually consider printing the incredible (as in incredible complicated) sheet. I've used this for very special characters, for longtime campaigns or just for showing off. And they make great gifts.
The whole sheet has, as you can see, two folds, which makes it even better for carrying other papers inside it. The additional foldout also provides extra information and additional space. But enough of its awesomeness, here's what you have to do:

  1. First thing you'll have to get is some nice paper. I prefer and definately recommend a cotton-based paper, with a light yellowish hue, like ivory. But most definately NO brilliant white. The sheet-elements are colored in a sort of olive tone, so warm paper will look much more harmonic on a whole.
  2. Next cut the paper in a large enough cutter or with a knive plus cutting board to exactly 525x297mm. In the end it'll be about A4 when folded.
  3. And finally: print it (obviously). Best quality and all the usual I always say concerning printing. I've seen stunning results with my Epson R1800.
    For easier folding there are small markers on the inside. I always lay a ruler on the markers and use a pointed object to carve a ridge into the paper, which makes the actual folding much easier and more precise.

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